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What is journal club?

Journal club is a "regular gathering of scientists to discuss a scientific paper found in a research journal". 

- NIH Intramural Research Program

How does journal club work?

Students can choose to sign up for bi-weekly journal club meetings. During each meeting, the student will introduce themselves and the study they would like to discuss. After the student finishes their presentation, audience members are encouraged to ask questions and add their own thoughts to form a discussion. 

What should be included in a journal club presentation?

A journal club should include the following, in order:

  • A brief introduction of yourself including where you are from, what year you are, and what you are studying

  • Preliminary work behind the study (Why did they decide to conduct this study?)

  • Background and general information about the study

  • Methods and subjects/samples used in the study

  • Major results from the methods utilized in the study

  • Conclusions drawn from the results that tie in with the authors' preliminary work and their own hypothesis of the study

  • Your own evaluation of the study 

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